A poem for Fall

Since today is the first day of fall, I’m feeling a tad bit poetic. So I wrote a poem to celebrate the chill in the air, as the dying season approaches.



A low hum, and the trees wave good-bye

Their leaves yellowing like the papyrus scrolls on which time

has penned itself upon. The stains of what has-been

are still visible, though dying, like the light.

A caterpillar wobbles by, dodging the obstacles put forth

like he is flying through, passing by

just in time for all that I have known to disappear

in broken winds, small dervishes of what is to come,

tiptoeing across sky, humming along to the autumn song

of forgetting and forgiving. But when the night grows deep

and pale against my memories, I will remember

those greened afternoons, sun against skin

and the caterpillar was better at letting go

than I.


(c) 2014 Carolyn Lawrence

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