Carolyn Lawrence, Author

By day, I work as a mild-mannered Humanities professor, corrupting the minds of college students with my random movie trivia and ramblings on about cryptozoology. By night, I am a novelist, poet, gardener, half marathoner, gluten-free chef, blogger, ancestry nut and devoted lover of felines.

On weekends, I’m asleep.

I have just published my first novel: a darling little thing which tries to find the romance in a sticky situation. I’m currently writing the sequel. (honestly, I thought the characters were done with their tales, but apparently, I was wrong) I have three books of poetry and a book on the Law of Attraction available on Amazon.

To view my Amazon author page, please click here

PLEASE NOTE: I am not the voice actress, Carolyn Lawrence. As much as I would like to be the voice of Sandy Cheeks and Cindy Vortex, I am not. 


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