The Worst Part of Writing (for me)

I finished editing my novel for the…(counts on fingers)…forget it, I’ve lost count. An almost three year process has come to an end yet again and I’ve started querying. Most people say the querying is the worst. The rejection is the worst.

Nope. They’re wrong.

The worst is setting that manuscript down and knowing you’re no longer in that world anymore. Each time I read my manuscript, I mourn a bit harder, because that final page is so hard for me to put down. The world I have created is the world I want to exist in, at least while I’m reading, and when the last page flips, I’m no longer there.

In fact, when I edited my manuscript this last time, it took me a solid two weeks before I would even touch it to start, and another week to finish the last five chapter. I was bombarded with thoughts of not sitting with my characters anymore, in this story, and it saddened me. How could I leave them again?

While I know I can always write a sequel, and I’m plotting one out, there’s nothing like that first plot line. Nothing like being introduced to your characters for the first time.

So as I send out my queries, I really have no concern as to what anyone says. There is nothing anyone can say to me to deter me from this story. I’ve spent too long with all of them to determine them unworthy of success or think less of them. I believe in them, because they believed in me. Trusted me with their storyline. I know they are worthwhile.

My grief will end. Eventually. And I’ll write the sequel, maybe even an entire series. Just so I can remain in that small town, with my characters, causing trouble. Because that’s where I would rather be, at the end of the day.

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