Yeah, I know they want me…to blog, that is.

It would seem I am now a guest blogger. I know, who in their right mind would ask me to be a guest blogger and why did it take them so long to ask? Actually, I have had the honor of being asked to guest blog at The Big Bang Life.

Honestly, I think they may have lost their ever-loving minds, but I can fake it. I think….

You see, I went to LibertyCon a few weeks back and had the opportunity to sit in Rick Fridrick’s workshop on how to build a fan base through blogging. I had the idea it would help me with my own blogging and this here blog, which I neglect from time to time, but little did I know that the workshop would introduce me to The Big Bang Life and a group of self-proclaimed geeks that I sort of wanted to join. I mean really, I sat in the room thinking, I could do that. I should be doing that. Somehow, I convinced them I could. There may have been some threats of bodily injury and world domination made.

*insert evil laugh*

Now I’m in, and I’m freaking out. It’s that pang of self-doubt which ricochets through me when faced with the inevitable realization that someone is going to read my writing and judge me. Am I geek enough? Are there different levels of geekiness? Am I on the periphery (again), looking in to a world that perhaps I should not venture? Am I a has-been Daphne wanting to fit in with all the cool, smart kid Velmas (because let’s face it, Velma owned that crew)? After hyperventilating in a bag to the point of unconsciousness, I gathered myself. I could do this. I am a geek. I know people.

I am interesting, dammit!

So I sat. I paced the floor. I did some jumping jacks, trying to rally myself. I could do this. I was designed for this. I made a list of things to write about (people like lists, they like organization–ugh, this is so not me). I thought about what topics would make me different, so that there wasn’t too much cross-over (you don’t want to bore your audience), and I decided to take a fairly literary and cinematic approach. I have some great ideas brewing.

I am beyond enthused. In fact, already heard back from one person I want to interview. Yeah, there’s going to be some interviewing going on. I’m taking this pretty serious. Trying to be somewhat professional.

If you only knew how difficult that was for me. I’m like Jennifer Lawrence’s older, red headed literary cousin. I rarely know how to behave myself, much less act professional. I think it’s a Lawrence gene or something.

So there you have it. It’s pretty awesome when you think about it. I just hope I can do the group proud.

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